Messager USB Industrial On-Hold Player for PBX and Key Phone Systems


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On Hold Message Playback via USB Flash Drive
• 5-year parts and labor warranty
• Plays MP3 files from standard USB drives
• No drivers or special software needed
• Designed and manufactured in the USA
The Messager USB is a state-of-the-art digital audio playback device designed to provide a continuous play audio source for message-on-hold, background music or any other audio application where high-quality audio playback is required.
Messages are stored in MP3 format on any standard USB flash drive with no special software or drivers needed. The Messager USB is capable of high-quality audio file playback of up to 128Kbps.
Audio content is easily managed by plugging the USB flash drive into a PC or MAC computer’s USB port and “dragging and dropping” MP3 files to and from the drive.
The Messager USB is also available with the next generation encryption software called Sonocrypt Level 3. This version of Sonocrypt encrypts the file itself making the MP3 file unplayable anywhere except on the Messager USB.
Messager USB Features
• Plays MP3 files from standard USB drives
• No drivers or special software needed
• Playback quality up to 128Kbps
• Playback up to 1024 audio files
• Continuous playback
• Built-in monitor speaker
• Sonocrypt message encryption (optional)
• LED status indicator
• 5-year parts and labor warranty
• Designed and manufactured in the USA
Additional Information:
Messager USB Manual

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