Prodigital USB40-B On-Hold Player for PBX and Key Phone Systems


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USB Drive-Based Digital Message System
• 5-year parts and labor warranty
• Built in default music bed (never any silence on hold)
• Industrial designed extruded aluminum case for many years of service
• Auto Restart feature in the event of a power failure
• standard USB drive to transfer MP3 files from your computer to the player
The USB-40B professional on-hold digital audio player is state of the art. Industrial designed extruded aluminum case for many years of service. Carefully selected electronics for great digital sound quality. Built in default music bed – never any silence on hold. Auto Restart feature in the event of a power failure, no loss of your audio files. Stored audio files play in alphanumeric order based on filenames.
Prodigital USB40-B Product Features:
• Plays MP3 files from Non-Volatile USB Flash
• No drivers or special software needed (Message Loading: MOH Drive)
• Memory Capacity: Up To 16GB (ships with 128MB drive)
• Playback up to 512 Individual MP3 Files
• Continuous playback or Trigger Controlled
• Built-in monitor speaker
• Sampling Rate: 8K to 256K Stereo – Auto-Detected By Player
• LED Indicator: Red LED Status Light
• Output Volume: Continuously Variable
• Dual Audio Outputs: 600 Ohm Line Level – 8 Ohm 3 Watt
• Power Supply: 120VAC 60Hz to 12VDC @ 500mA
• Mounting: Wall Mounting Included
• 5-year parts and labor warranty
• Designed and manufactured in the USA
Additional Information:
Prodigital USB40-B Manual

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