GO On Hold Lead Referral Program

If you sell or service phone systems in your area, most likely your clients have asked you where they can get an on hold message and music recording for their business.

Well, now you have a consistent answer and a potential new revenue stream for your company with the GO On Hold Telecom Lead Referral Program.

We’ve made it easy

Most phone system technicians and installers qualify for this program. Once you are approved, you will be assigned a Vendor I.D. number and can begin immediately referring our services to your customers.

It’s then as simple as directing your clients to complete our Contact Us inquiry form on the GO On Hold website and including your I.D. number. We will track your referrals and make sure you receive your lead referral payments.

Complement your business

Enhance your company’s existing offerings with GO On Hold products. You and your customers both benefit knowing that GO On Hold products are the most affordable on hold products on the market today.

Sign up now

Participation is easy and free. But most of all, it’s profitable.

To join, please review the Referral Program Terms and Conditions, then Sign-Up and start generating additional revenue for your business.

If you still have questions about the GO On Hold Lead Referral Program, please email us


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