Music On Hold: Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of equipment do I need?

All you need is a telephone and digital on hold player, music on hold CD player, mp3 player for music on hold or computer.

With GO On Hold ANY business can have on hold telephone messages. If you do not have a phone system, Click Here for more information.

How much does it cost?

Only pay for what you need. Most on hold messaging services have subscriptions that require a monthly or annual payment even if you update your on hold advertising only once per year!

With GO On Hold, you can purchase a one-time on hold recording or message on hold equipment with nothing more to buy. There are no monthly or annual renewal fees and you can update your hold telephone message anytime in the future at a discounted rate – On Hold Packages.

If you are looking for frequent updates, GO On Hold has monthly and quarterly packages available. Please inquire for details.

How often should I change my on hold message and/or musiconhold?

You can change your on hold phone messages and music as often as needed to reflect changes with your product or service. There are clients of GO On Hold who have only one on hold marketing program and update it once per year. Other clients change their information on hold with each new season or have chosen to update their hold recording monthly to offer specials and announce other dated information.

GO On Hold can coordinate your hold marketing to present special events, roll out a new product line, or any other custom needs.

Please also consider the following: Do you receive frequent calls from the same people or do you tend to have a steady stream of new customers?

Do callers hear the same hold message every time they are put on hold?

No. GO On Hold Telephone Hold Messages play continuously, even if there are no callers on hold. If two callers were put on hold a minute apart, they would both hear the same messages on hold at the same time, but the first caller would hear one minute more of your messaging on hold than the second caller.

Because GO On Hold phone on hold message programs cover all of your lines, all customers placed on hold will hear the same on hold marketing messages.  A caller would have to be on hold longer than the length of your on hold recording session before they would hear your call hold music and messages repeat.

How long does it take to complete my on hold production?

For Custom Music On Hold Programs, GO On Hold begins working on your message on hold scripts upon receipt of your order. We start with information on your company’s product or service, and prepare messages you would like to present to your customers waiting on hold. (Any printed literature or your website are helpful in preparing messages on hold scripts).

We then e-mail the script to you within 24 hours and inquire with you about your choice of music on hold licence and voice on hold preference. Upon your approval, with any changes noted, GO On Hold will produce your recording in our on hold studio. When completed, GO On Hold can provide your phone hold messages as a music on hold files download (mp3, wav, etc.) or ship it to you on CD or Cassette. The entire process can take less than 2 business days.

How does a digital on hold player work?

With a digital on hold player, you never have to be concerned with the quality of your telephone on hold messages recording wearing out. Your hold marketing program is played from a digital memory chip (digital ohp), and as a result, sounds exactly the same after a year or more of playing back to your callers.

You can purchase on hold players from GO On Hold, or we can provide your completed on hold messaging in any format to work with your existing on hold machine, including the following products: On Hold Plus 4000 (OHP 4000), On Hold Plus 5000 (OHP 5000), On Hold Plus 5500 (OHP 5500), On Hold Plus 6000, (OHP 6000), On Hold Plus 6500 (OHP 6500), On Hold Plus 7000 (OHP 7000), On Hold Plus 7500 (OHP 7500), On Hold Plus 8000 (OHP 8000), Avaya Magic On Hold, Fortune Music On Hold, Bogen Music On Hold.

Do I own the equipment?

Yes. Music on hold equipment from GO On Hold is only available for purchase. When you lease a digital music on hold player from another company, you end up paying much more for that player over time than it’s original worth.

I have my own equipment, can I use it?

Yes. Please see ‘How does a digital on hold player work?’ above.  There may be some exceptions.  Please inquire with GO On Hold to help us learn more about your on hold messaging equipment.

Can I have both a male and female voice on the same on hold message and music program?

Yes. An alternating male and female voice is available to you and a great way to add separation to lengthy messages that feature less music between each message. However, please note that our rates are based on one voice on hold talent reading your script. There is an additional charge for a second on hold voice over.

Why not just play the radio or other music on hold music?

With radio, you have no control over what your customers will hear when placed on hold. Certainly, the local soft rock or smooth jazz radio station plays appropriate music, but these stations also have announcers and play commercials. You may be shocked to find your customers hearing commercials on hold for your competitor!

An even bigger problem with music on hold radio is an inconsistent signal.  Ever notice most radio stations playing on hold have static?  This is because the radio is plugged into the phone system which is normally in the same room or closet with your company server.  All this technical equipment interferes with the signal and there is no way to fix it unless the radio is moved to another room.  You need an awfully long audio cable and will probably need to drill some holes in the wall to make that happen.

One final note about radio, music on hold copyright or music on hold license issues.  Any audio on hold is considered a public performance and you are responsible for any royalty payments associated with a public performance. Click Here to learn more.

With a satellite music system or other on hold music service, you have control over the style of music. However, most companies are in business to make money. Music on hold without a message about your company’s product or service is a lost opportunity to promote your offerings and build your company’s brand.

How will your on hold message and music program work with my voice mail system?

In business today, voicemail is the norm and callers are often transferred directly to voice mail. The on hold time in the transfer process can take up to 30 seconds.

Can I play music on hold on my cell phone?

Many small business owners and professionals working out of the office most of the time or have no office at all, rely on their cell phone or smart phone for all business communication. Until recently, it has not been possible to have cell phone music on hold and most people assume it is impossible to have any audio on hold, since there is no “hold button” on a cell phone. However, now there is a way to provide music on hold or messages on hold on your smart phone using a Virtual PBX service app. Please Click Here for more information.

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