No Phone System?  No Problem!

Add On Hold Audio Capability To Any Phone
With A Music On Hold Adapter


Few things can kill a customer’s image of a company more quickly than being put on hold in dead silence. And if you don’t have a phone system, then you most likely don’t have an on hold message and music recording.

Fortunately, not having a phone system is no longer a problem.

Music On Hold Adapter

Works With Any Phone!

A music on hold adapter allows you to play on hold message and music recordings on any phone – even your home phone! Imagine that. Sounding like a Fortune 500 company while working out of your basement or small office.

Simple Installation & Operation

This system connects directly to your telephone lines and can be used by all of your phones on the same lines. You can place someone on hold through a music on hold adapter on one phone and pick them up on a different phone without hassle. A music on hold adapter can handle three or four lines, to give you music on hold ability for your KSU-less phones, providing you with as quick and painless a connection of this system, as possible.

Level the Playing Field

This unit provides excellent audio quality for connection to any audio source through an industry standard RCA audio jack. A music on hold adapter from GO On Hold is much better than most any other telephone Music On Hold adapter currently on the market, short of buying an expensive telephone KEY system. Now any business, regardless of size, can sound like a corporate giant, and connecting a music on hold adapter to your phones is as simple as hooking up an answering machine. It can be done and it is surprisingly affordable.

How Does It Work?

In the past, only businesses with a PBX or KEY phone system could have an on hold music and message recording. Not anymore! A music on hold adapter has an integrated analog adapter module which allows any and all of your phones to provide on hold audio content to ordinary analog and “KSU-Less” phone systems.

Currently, when a caller is placed on hold with an ordinary phone, that call is routed back to your phone company. And there it sits. You know the rest – that important caller to your business is forced to suffer in silence, wondering if they are still connected.

With a music on hold adapter, the call is intercepted. Instead of silence, your caller on hold hears your commercials on hold that is activated by pressing the Star button on your telephone, then the hold button. A music on hold adapter supports up to four incoming lines and provides audio messaging and music solutions on all of your office phones.




or Call 1-800-963-6968

Home Office Music On Hold Adapter

For your home office or small business with only one or two phone lines, the Take-2 message-on-hold adapter allows you to place up to two callers on-hold. Any audio device, such as an mp3 player, CD player or computer can can be connected to this music on hold adapter to keep callers entertained and informed of your products or services.

The Take-2 system is specifically designed for the SOHO (Small Office Home Office) environment where up to two lines on a single phone are supported and this unit can be used with any phone, even a cordless phone.

Placing a caller on hold is simple; just press the appropriate line button on the adapter and the caller is instantly placed on hold. The handset then can be placed back on the cradle or another line can be accessed. While the caller is on hold a blue LED light above the line number on the adapter will glow.

The Take-2 comes with all the necessary audio and telephone cables to allow the system to be easily connected. The modern design and added functionality make this a great addition to any office phone.



RCA input for MOH device
Modular connections
Place up to 2 callers on-hold
Large easy-to-push buttons
Blue LED status indicators
Durable high-impact plastic case
All cables included
5-year parts and labor warranty




or Call 1-800-963-6968

VTech CM18445

VTech Phone with Music-On-Hold Input

Another option for small businesses with only one to four phone lines looking to add music on hold capability is to replace your phone(s) entirely.

The VTech CM18445 4-Line Expandable Small Business Office Phone with Answering System features a Music-On-Hold Input, allowing you to connect any audio device, including the USB-50 Music On Hold Player from GO On Hold, that plays messages with music for your callers with true hold-button activation.

Using the audio cable that is included with the VTech CM18445 phone, connect one end to fit the RCA jack on the USB-50 or other MOH device and then scroll through the phone settings to select the external music feed as the source your callers will hear when placed on hold.

For the phone music on hold to be heard by callers placed on hold, you only need to press the hold button (no * or flash) and the base station, cordless desk set and wireless hand sets all play the music to callers on hold.

Additonal features include:

4 Line Capability
Expandable up to 10 Stations
Auto Attendant on Each Line
Digital Answering System
Limited 1-year warranty



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