Voice On Hold Message Examples

GO On Hold features radio personalities and announcers with years of experience to give your business a polished sound. Listen to voice on hold message examples by clicking the play button on each voice you would like to preview.

Female 1
Female 2
Female 3
Female 4
Male 1
Male 2
Male 3
Male 4
Spanish Female 1
Spanish Female 2
Spanish Male 1
Spanish Male 2


Background Music On Hold Samples

GO On Hold Music for Business features nearly 100 different styles of advertising background music for your on hold message recording. From Acoustic to Jazz, Classical to Rock, GO On Hold has a sound on hold to suit your tastes and match the interests of your business.  Listen to music on hold samples by clicking the play button on each selection you would like to preview.  There are 58 music samples available here.

Soft Jazz 1
Soft Jazz 2
Soft Jazz 3
Upbeat Jazz 1
Upbeat Jazz 2
Upbeat Jazz 3
Jazz Guitar 1
Jazz Guitar 2
Blues 1
Blues 2
Blues 3
Piano 1
Piano 2
Piano 3
Piano 4
Acoustic Fast
Acoustic Medium
Acoustic Slow
Pop Rock 1
Pop Rock 2
Alternative Rock
Slow Rock
Classic Rock 1
Classic Rock 2
Country 1
Country 2
Country 3
Big Band 1
Big Band 2
Oldies 1
Oldies 2
Dance 1
Dance 2
Dance 3
Dance 4
Dance 5
Funk 1
Funk 2
Latin Guitar 1
Latin Guitar 2
Spanish Guitar
Latin Fun 1
Latin Fun 2
Salsa 1
Salsa 2
Gypsy Dance
African Drums
Asian 1
Asian 2
Asian 3
Christmas Jazz
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