On Hold Breaking Point: New Study Reveals Stress Levels Soar For Callers Waiting At Least 5 Minutes

Researchers in the U.K. polled people to find out when their frustration kicked in after being placed on hold. They found it happens between five and six minutes. More than half of the people who responded said they have been irritated waiting on a call and 4 out of 5 have gotten so upset, they hung up. Results of this poll also showed that 67% of participants felt “annoyed” at having to wait at all. Almost one-third said they felt stressed being on hold for an extended period of time and 19% said they got “angry.” Read More

Can you imagine if they had to listen to a static-filled radio or heard nothing? A quality on hold message and music program can provide a more positive experience for your callers. However, it’s still important to keep hold time to a minimum.

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