What Happens… When You Press The Hold Button?

  • Do callers think you hung up on them because they hear nothing?
  • Are callers suffering to the sounds of a poorly-tuned radio station?
  • Nice music, but a missed opportunity to promote your products and services?

There are many good reasons why every business should have an on hold message and music program:

  • Why give a valued prospect or client the silent treatment?
  • Your callers on hold are a captive audience to a lot of commercials.
  • You’re in business to make money. Shouldn’t you promote your business?

but there is only one reason that matters most…

Do you really want people who call your business to perceive your company as anything less than you believe it to be?

Image is everything. Perception is reality. It’s up to you to decide if that time on hold is wasted, or an opportunity to inform your callers about your products and services.

Professionally produced messages on hold create a positive, professional impression of your company. Studies show that what your customers hear while on hold has a dramatic effect on how they perceive your business.

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