Messages On Hold Can Lead Existing Customers To Buy More


Keep your base active with Messages On Hold.

The simplest way to increase your company’s sales is to sell more to your current customers.
They know you and may even love your business. However, do they know everything they need to know? Many of your customers have been purchasing Widget A for years, but do they know about Widget B or even Widget W?
Just like many of your clients may not know about all of the products and services you have available that could help them, you may not have considered one of the best ways to get the word out.
Business owners and employees are so busy dealing with the status quo, they don’t always have time to pitch their latest offerings to their existing customers, so why not automate it with messages on hold that play continuously without fail to your best prospects.
Telephone on hold messaging puts that wasted time holding, now spent in silence or with a static-filled radio, to good use… informing and educating your top prospects (your customers) about your business and the widgets they may be missing out on that could save them time and money.
When attempting to attract new customers, businesses spend a great deal of time pitching, answering questions and convincing prospects to buy.
Existing customers are already sold on your company.. they trust you!
In many cases, upon learning of additional products or services available from your business, they are more inclined to buy it from you than from a competitor, even if they could find that widget elsewhere at a lower price.
Loyalty has value and effective messages on hold present a non-stop call to action you have on auto-pilot every hour you’re open for business.

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